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You need to give your visitor a juicy option to crawling through another sales page

How do you do that? You make it easy for them.

We live in a lazy media driven world. More and more people are watching tv and less people are reading books—know why? It takes effort to read.

So your landing page is an effort for them, some will read and some will not. My guess is a lot are not. Judging by this study a lot of affiliates are missing the boat-

“University study finds adding media to sales pages increased conversions by 43%”

The University of Mississippi found that by including media such as audio and video increased conversions on landing pages—by 43%!

There have been many ‘unofficial’ tests that seen as much as 1200% conversion!

As you can see, not including video into your offers is hurting your sales.

What’s the answer to you selling more?

Affiliate Video Skins

Video skins are the cutting edge, high quality conversion seducers that will be part of all sales/landing pages in the near future. You have likely already seen video getting used more and more by the gurus.

Unlike the Internet heavyweights, you do not need to spend a small fortune or waste countless hours trying to make your own…

Here are few video skins in action—notice how it would appeal to your visitors

Videos with New Promo Template

Videos with 3D Box Template

Video skins are custom short videos on hot Clickbank products. These videos are meant to replace boring text based landing pages. (they do more than that- keep reading to find out)

Imagine how much of your visitor sees offers every day. They are tired of reading page after page, BUT now imagine giving them the option to sit back and watch a short video talking about something they want.

You now cover those who don’t mind reading and those with no patience. More options equal more sales.

I have 100 skins for the hottest Clickbank products ready to go for you right now

If you have hit your traffic with these products and have seen little interest, try it again with the Video Skins.

Included in your package of 100 HOT Clickbank Video Skins are:

  1. Get Your Ex-Boyfriend Back
  2. Plans 4 Boats
  3. Automated Traffic
  4. Cheap Click Code
  5. My Shed Plans
  6. Prosperity Blueprint
  7. Bad Breath Report
  8. Heartburn No More
  9. Beat Eczema Guide
  10. Vision Without Glasses
  11. Tinnitus Miracle
  12. Acne No More
  13. Magnets 4 Energy
  14. Power 4 Home
  15. Moles Warts & Skin Tags Removal
  16. Miracle Traffic Bot
  17. Magic Article Rewriter
  18. Best Grades
  19. Camera Dollars
  20. Game Copy Wizard
  21. Stream Direct
  22. Rich Janitor
  23. Fast Track Cash
  24. HCG Recipes
  25. Paleo Cookbooks
  26. Yummy Arts
  27. Blogging to the Bank
  28. Confidential Conversions
  29. SEO Link Vine
  30. Rapid Mass Traffic
  31. Turbulence Training
  32. Cafe World
  33. No Nonsense Muscle Building
  34. Registry Easy (New Version)
  35. 3 Red Lights
  36. Burn The Fat
  37. Panic Away (New Version)
  38. Maverick Money Makers (New Version)
  39. Fap Turbo (New Version)
  40. Niche Blueprint 2.0
  41. Rocket Piano
  42. Truth About Abs (New Version)
  43. Amazing Cover Letter
  44. Farmville Secrets
  45. Fat Loss 4 Idiots (New Version)
  46. Woodworking 4 Home
  47. Violin Master Pro
  48. Master Cleanse Secrets
  49. Mass PPV Traffic
  50. Free Power Blueprint
  51. Xoftspy SE
  52. Registry Fix
  53. Driver Robot
  54. Keyword Elite 2.0
  55. Mass Article Control
  56. Secret Affiliate Weapon 2
  57. Magic List bot
  58. Cb Pirate
  59. RegCure
  60. Satellite TV to PC
  61. Fat Loss 4 Idiots
  62. Maverick Money Makers
  63. Registry Easy
  64. SEM Business Blueprint
  65. Panic Away
  66. Truth About Abs
  67. Reverse Phone Detective
  68. FAP Turbo
  69. Golf Swing Guru
  70. Home Made Energy
  71. Earth 4 Energy
  72. My Wii Downloads
  73. Tattoo Me Now
  74. Chopper Tattoo
  75. Sonic Producer
  76. Fat Burning Furnace
  77. Hemorrhoid Miracle
  78. Jump Manual
  79. Magniwork
  80. People Records
  81. Gov Resources
  82. Zero Friction Marketing
  83. Legit Online Jobs
  84. CopyNprofit
  85. Bookmarking Demon
  86. Magic of Makingup
  87. Salehoo
  88. Prevent Sweating
  89. Errorfix
  90. Green DIY Energy
  91. Bvcures
  92. Satellite Direct
  93. Ivybot
  94. Google Magic Formula
  95. Jamorama
  96. Max Pro System
  97. Zygor Guides
  98. Pregnancy Miracle
  99. Recipe Secrets
  100. Forex Megadroid

These video’s come in high quality mp4 format, and are 640×360 in size. They can be easily edited inside Camtasia or any other video editing software.

Not only that, these videos come with great voice overs! All you need to do is add your website link or call to action.

I know what you’re thinking, 100 Clickbank videos of this quality must cost a lot… wrong

It’s amazing but you get:

  • 100 high quality exclusive Clickbank videos (all over one minute in length)
  • Professional voice over (I spared no expense making these)
  • A reason to go back to your traffic with a “new” offer
  • The opportunity to make more sales without much more effort

All I ask is a small investment of $147 $47

For less than the price of a happy meal you can have your own custom video skin (at only $0.47 per video). If you only got a 10% increase in sales from these- wouldn’t it be well worth $0.47 each? Imagine a 43% increase!

Why am I selling these at such a great deal? I want your continued business. I am confident once you experience the power of my videos you’ll be back for more.

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  • You can go viral with them! You can pop these up on YouTube or other networking sites and lure buyers back to your page.
  • You can use these videos to increase generic traffic to your site. Google’s search engine algorithm loves videos.
  • Videos add a personal touch and social feel to you and your offers (people buy on how they feel- videos can help them feel more comfortable)

I am allowing only 250 sets of these to be sold

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